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Gebrauchtkites Slingshot SST V6

Gebrauchtkites Slingshot SST V6

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Package Includes
SST V6 Kite, Kite Bag, Quick Start Guide, Bladder Patch Kit

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  • Details:

    For 2022, we have evolved the SST, our legendary kitesurfing
    kite, to be better than ever for any wave in the world. Featuring a
    completely redesigned wingtip shape and geometry, the
    all-new SST V6 builds upon its reputation as one of the fastest and
    most responsive kites on the market. The additional curve of the
    wingtip combined with our IRS bridle technology provides added
    range and has completely revolutionized its upwind performance
    and water relaunch. The SST V6’s ultralight and ultra-thin micro-
    struts provide plenty of overall structure to the kite while still
    keeping the overall weight down, enabling next level drift and
    response. To further strategically scale down weight, we reduced
    our canopy paneling by more than 50% as well as implemented
    our new premium lightweight IRS bridle.

    + The SST V6 delivers hero-level drift, speed and response to maximize your fun on a surfboard, foil or a twin tip.
    + Faster, lighter and more technically advanced than its predecessor, the SST V6 is the next evolution of a kitesurfing kite.
    + Ridden and endorsed by industry icon and kitesurfing pioneer Ben Wilson.
    + Key Improvements include faster turning, as well as increased upwind performance and water relaunch.

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