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Foil Eleveight RSF Package

Foil Eleveight RSF Package

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750 / 900 / 1050 / 1250 / 1450 / 1800



  • Details

    Engineered for optimised hydrodynamic flow, the slick design has evolved through in-house development and rigorous testing in partnership with our team riders and engineers. Throughout the innovation process, we eliminated any corners, edges or angles that create turbulence to achieve our own new drag-reduced hydrofoil system.

    Every intricate detail has been included to allow for the cleanest possible flow of water throughout the whole RSF system. Our highly unique Teardrop front wing connection harmonically guides water flow back together for a clean release at the trailing edge of the front wing and reduces turbulences. Extreme carves become possible when winging in waves or performing advanced freestyle manoeuvres.

    The well-balanced front wing shape allows for smooth lift and amazing turning characteristics. The strategic top and bottom placement positions for the wing and stabiliser also sit flush with the fuselage to minimise drag and enable a huge range in speed potential with low stall speeds and high possible max speeds.

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