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Kite Eleveight WS V7

Kite Eleveight WS V7

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Open C / Hybrid – 3 Strut


Wave / Freeride

  • Details:


    05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 12

    Colour codes:

    Dark Grey (324) / White (323)



     PERFORMANCE Features

    • Open-C Hybrid performance kite for waves, freeriding and foiling
    • Stable and stall-free for easy drift and carefree riding
    • Precise and rapid for smooth tight turning
    • Performs well in gusts across an enormous wind range
    • Easy piloting and optimised for single-hand control



    The WS will sync to your rhythm with swift turning making it the choice for wave seekers and freeriders alike.



    The new WS has boundless possibilities with its superfast turns and ease of handling. Nimble yet stable, it achieves outstanding performance across disciplines, much loved for its carefree riding.


    Catch waves with ease, enjoy a chilled session, or even foil, the WS automatically switches to auto-pilot with light initiation. Watch it naturally drift, absorb gusts, and turn on a dime without the need for force.


    The Open-C hybrid three-strut design provides power right when you need it, and the canopy has been optimised to distribute force more efficiently to ensure stability. New for Version 7 is a further reduction in weight through the use of our specialised XT light fabric in the inflatable structures which adds to the drift capabilities. The WS is stall-free and stays forgiving which makes it easy to fly, even in the low end.

    With exceptionally swift pivotal characteristics, your turns are fast and precise for smooth-flowing carves. Riders love the light, yet direct bar pressure and the new sizes and huge wind range add to its accessibility.

    The WS is an agile favourite for freeriders and wave addicts alike.



    • XT light fabric reduces weight in the inflatable structure by 15%
    • New 10m and 12m sizes added
    • Squared wingtips even quicker turn initiation
    • New panel cuts in the canopy distribute force more efficiently
    • Harmonized to build more consistent power that's easy to control
    • Smaller LE bridle deflectors

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