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WIng Armstrong XPS Lightwind

WIng Armstrong XPS Lightwind

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Hybrid Carbon Handles

Rigid carbon skeleton with a soft, padded exterior.

Sizes7 and 8 m.

  • Details

    A primary design challenge with wings – large wings in particular – is making sure everything stays the right shape when riding. Located at the rear of the canopy perpendicular to the strut, our proprietary, patent-pending carbon fibre Power Batten maintains a precise airfoil profile along the full length of the wing from leading to trailing edge. This dramatically improves power generation through the center of the wing with hyper-efficient airflow and enables the wing’s signature bat tail outline. A narrower wingspan with less outboard weight is more balanced, much easier to pump up onto foil and overall feels smaller than other wings of equivalent area – all huge wins out on the water.


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