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Board Eleveight Process C+V5

Board Eleveight Process C+V5

Preisab €639,00
inkl. MwSt. |

Style: Performance Freeride

Größen: 135,139,145 

Pads & Straps: not included

Fins: G10 Fins included


  • Details

    PERFORMANCE Features


    • Premium full carbon for high-performance freeride
    • Light construction with progressive flex and optimum grip
    • Exceptional carving and control with smooth landings
    • Sustainably sourced materials and reduced ecological footprint
    • Equipped with 45mm G10 fins




    The full carbon Process C+ is packed with high-tech performance materials for ultra-dynamic freeride fun.


    / DESIGN Vision


    Premium lightweight freeride performance

    The full carbon Process C+ is based on the DNA of the Process but with superior lightweight construction enhancements that offer advanced performance for top-level freeride fun.


    Superior carving

    The Process C+ features our highly innovative Parabolic Rail Shape technology that gives thinner rails to cut through chop, enhancing the speed, carving ability and ease of upwind travel. The sophisticated channel depth and layout have been designed to add significantly more grip and control when carving, and more bite when popping.


    Grip and control

    The Process C+ has a smooth rocker outline that planes exceptionally early even in light winds, while the channel layout adds more grip and control in fierce gusts and howling storms. The thickness of the tips is slender and squared off to ensure the perfect linear flex for faster turning with added responsiveness and pop.


    Progressive flex

    The thin Super Fly 3D Paulownia wood core offers superior lightweight and medium progressive flex, which is then optimised for each size. By covering it with a feather-light premium layer of Biax Carbon, the Process C+ allows the rider to hold the edge for longer, fully loading the board to act as a catapult when boosting.


    New for V6

    Complete with fresh new graphics, the Process C+'s design focus was to reduce the ecological impact by using more sustainable materials. Constructed with new plant-based elements including a sustainably sourced paulownia wood core and new GreenPoxy bio-resin, V6 also has greater durability for longevity. The Process C+ not only has a lower carbon footprint, but the plastic-free packaging helps to limit our environmental impact too.


    Who is it for?

    The Process C+ is the preferred choice of sophisticated riders focused on premium freeride performance seeking an ultra-dynamic board.







    / Process C+ V5 Key Changes


    • updated graphic
    • Sustainable sourced Paulownia wood core and plastic free packaging to reduce ecological footprint
    • Greenpoxy a bio-based epoxy resin with 35% of the molecular structure is deriving from plant and vegetable origin

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