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KOLD shapes Horizon II

KOLD shapes Horizon II

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High Performance Freeride- and Bigair-Board


-Fins and handle inclusive

-Air dampening/Ratched Binding additional


  • Details:


    133 x 40

    137 x 41

    141 x 41

    145x43 (Wakestyle Edition)

  • Details:

    The HORIZON II is dedicated to big air and high-performance freeride. We have put an incredible amount of R&D into every detail of its riding characteristics to bring a new level of control, comfort, and new heights into your big air game. Despite the endless test rides, we put an equal amount of love into the graphics and assembling.

    The HORIZON II shares a similar outline and rocker curve with the POLAR II, ensuring it runs smoothly through any kind of chop. This not only provides excellent knee comfort in all situations but also facilitates the take-off and ensures soft landings. The anti-negative-flex stringer extending all the way through the board will provide you with extra control on your landings. The stringer is made from regrowing flax fiber and will prevent dip-dives when landing with higher speeds.

    In contrast to the POLAR II, the flex is slightly stiffer. Just enough to load your edge for your biggest jumps, but still forgiving enough to absorb heavy impacts. In addition, the new 3D top deck construction introduces a newly responsive feeling, providing you with extra feedback. It also features a grip cavity to master your board-offs.

    The deeper double concave and the innovative tip channel construction will guarantee incredible edge control. This is the key to throwing big turns, control at high speeds, and loading into your highest jumps yet. Additionally, the double concave saves weight and enhances early planning and upwind abilities.

    The 145cm size was especially optimized for wakestyle riding. The extra rocker, stiffer flex, and aligned inserts will push your unhooked riding to a new level. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't unhook with the standard sizes of the HORIZON II! Even the smaller sizes offer ample pop for executing your first S-bends or handle passes.

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