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Eleveight CS Vary Bar Plus V5

Eleveight CS Vary Bar Plus V5

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  • Details:

    Version: V5
    Style: 4 line / single front line safety
    Sizes: Small = 42 – 50 cm, Large = 47 – 55 cm 
    Colour codes: White/grey 
    The redesigned CS Vary Bar Plus has optimum safety and performance with sleek new features in one variable yet ultra-intuitive system.


    PERFORMANCE Features

    • Intuitive four-line bar with optimum single front-line safety
    • Unified depower and safety line inside dual cavity TPU tube
    • Redesigned Quick-Matic II release system with new top swivel
    • Variable integrated bar ends to adjust bar width
    • Thermo-coated high-precision lines made in Germany




    Optimum safety and precise control: Delivering optimum safety together with our highest performance features, the new Control Series Vary Bar Plus has been refined for precise control of all Eleveight kites. The redesign is light and sleek, putting you at the heart of the action without needing to focus on your hands for an improved rider experience.


    Round-shaped Dual Cavity Tube: The round-shaped dual cavity tube houses both the depower and the safety lines, yet keeps them separated within a unified system. The surrounding TPU tube also restricts friction on the lines for less wear and tear. The red safety line is integrated inside the TPU tube to prevent tangling and to give the bar a clean setup.


    Variable size and function: The CS Vary Bar Plus is available in two sizes and both have customisation to enable the rider to adjust the bar width. Switch easily between 42 or 50 cm width on the small bar, or 47 to 55 cm width on the large to suit your kite size or riding style.


    Ergonomically designed:  Ergonomically formed EVA covers the bar to offer a better grip and more comfort, preventing fatigue in your hands and forearms. The ends of the bar also feature soft EVA protection against knocks to your board or body.


    New for V5: In addition to the new dual-cavity tube, V5 features the redesigned Quick-Matic II release with new top swivel, a new clam cleat, as well as a ceramic ball bearing system for reliable untwisting. Additionally, the depower line has a double-layered spectra core for less friction and an extra-long lifespan, and the pigtails have been reinforced for a stronger, more durable connection with easy tie-on/tie-off.


    Highest Grade Safety: We use the highest quality thermo-coated Dyneema lines made in Germany, which have minimum stretch and can withstand the highest break load. Our reliable and proven clean cleat system and the click-in Quick-Matic II safety release come as standard to ensure safe and easy piloting every time.



    • Redesigned Quick-Matic II release system with new top swivel
    • Ceramic Ball bearing system for reliable untwist function
    • New depower line with double-layered spectra core for less friction and extra long life-span
    • Round-shaped dual cavity TPU tube that separates the depower and safety line
    • New Clam cleat
    • Reinforcement of pigtails for a stronger, more durable connection and easy tie-on/tie-off


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