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Gebraucht Foilboard Eleveight Carvair

Gebraucht Foilboard Eleveight Carvair

€829,00 Standardpreis
inkl. MwSt. |

Normale Gebrauchspuren mit Garantie

Version: V2
Style: Performance Freeride
Straps: not included
Pads: included
Sizes: 4.3" x 17 3/4" (130 cm x 45 cm) 

  • Details:

    The Carvair was designed as an all-round board with a very durable
    construction that helps the riders to progress in foiling.

    PERFORMANCE Features
    ● Freeride foil board for various riding styles ● Low volume for easy and secure handling
    ● Carbon composite performance construction for improved control
    ● 4 x 4 track mount system for adjustable foil positioning
    ● Board has inserts, and lightweight adjustable straps come included

    DESIGN Vision
    The Carvair is the ultimate control station for our HXS 950 foil wings. This board is made to carve,
    hence we came up with an innovative rail design that prevents catching water in tight turns. Its low
    volume carbon composite construction guarantees a smooth and easy ride while offering maximum
    performance and comfort. A double density deck pad prevents injuries and provides a soft but sure
    stance. The Carvair is the perfect choice for progressing riders as well as experts as its 4 x 4 track
    mount system allows you to adjust the wing position to your riding level and style. The Carvair is the
    closest thing there is to a magic carpet.

    DESIGNER Quote
    Pair your foil wing with the Carvair board, and you will have a magic carpet that is easy to master so
    that you can fly over water and perform the smoothest carves.

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