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Used Wingboard Eleveight Evolve

Used Wingboard Eleveight Evolve

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Shape: Carbon Sandwich
Style: Freeride
Sizes: 90L

Colour Codes: White / Green

  • Details:

    Compact and dedicated to wing foiling, the Evolve board maximises your session with an easy take-off then balance and stability once riding.

    PERFORMANCE Features
    ● Dedicated board range for wing foilers
    ● Compact shape for enhanced stability and volume distribution
    ● Light Carbon CVC construction optimized for wing foiling
    ● 2 x 4 track mount system for adjustable foil positioning
    ● Durable block inserts for multiple foot strap options

    DESIGN Vision
    Meet the Evolve, our new compact board developed specifically for wing foiling. Lightweight and very durable, the bigger sizes will suit beginners as well as heavier riders in need of a board with more volume.
    The smaller sizes are optimized for intermediates giving a more dynamic and playful ride highly suited to wave and freeride conditions. The technical construction has been developed for easy glide and planing with maximum stability to be enjoyed by wing foilers of any level.

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