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GebrauchtWing Eleveight WFS V3 4qm

GebrauchtWing Eleveight WFS V3 4qm

€869,00 Standardpreis
inkl. MwSt. |

Wing inklusive Boom und Bag

Version: V3
Wing Shape: Dihedral / V-Shape
Style: Freeride

  • Details:


  • Details:

    Der Wing wurde im Juni 2022 gekauft und befindet sind in einem super Zustand.


    Wing inklusive Boom und Bag

    Version: V3
    Wing Shape: Dihedral / V-Shape
    Style: Freeride
    Sizes: 03 / 04 / 05 / 06
    Colour Codes: Red (717) / Dark Green (721)
    Easy handling and exceptional aerodynamics give an enhanced
    freeride performance in any condition.

     PERFORMANCE Features
    ● One strut performance freeride wing suited to all riders
    ● Design evolution with top materials tested the World over
    ● Stiff and lightweight with easy drift and power generation
    ● Rigid frame geometry for direct handling and direct power
    ● CS Wing Bar for intuitive hand positioning and easy handling

    WFS V3 Changes
    ● New CS Wing bar - New EVA grip for more comfort
    ● New outline for better aerodynamic efficiency giving more lift in the centre section
    ● Deeper profile with a 2/3 infill panel and direct strut/canopy connection for increased power
    ● Centred weight distribution for drift stability
    ● New strut shape for optimized AoA with balanced arm length/positions
    ● Load aligned Canopy seams for a more stable, stiffer wing
    ● Thinner TE batten to reduce weight and stabilise the shape
    ● Reworked inflatable structure for improved dynamic stability
    ● Extra deflate valve on strut for faster deflation
    ● Improved window placement

    DESIGN Vision
    The WFS echoes the rapidly changing demands for a freeride wing unique in versatility and suited to all
    riding styles and levels. For V3, we've made the WFS stiffer, harnessing more power and engineered it to
    drift a lot easier.
    The core feature is the CS Wing bar which gives intuitive hand positioning and now features a new EVA
    bar grip for added comfort. The improved window placement allows you to navigate with ease, and an
    optimised outline offers better aerodynamic efficiency. The ultimate freeride capabilities of the WFS will
    outperform expectations pushing any rider to the next level.

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