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Pre-season Kites Eleveight XS V3

Pre-season Kites Eleveight XS V3

€1.339,00 Standardpreis
inkl. MwSt. |

Version: V3
Shape: Delta / Hybrid – 5 Strut
Style: Big Air / Extreme Freeride

  • Details:

    Sizes: 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 12 / 14
    Colour Codes: Dark Green (621) / Blue (615) /
    Orange (618)
    Breaking Big Air boundaries, the XS has an extreme boost that will
    rocket you to new levels.

    PERFORMANCE Features
    ● Delta hybrid five-strut design for stability in serious Big Air boosts
    ● Explosive lift and extra-long hangtime
    ● Massive grunt for the highest jumps in any condition
    ● Bombproof construction for ultra-durability
    ● Rapid yet controllable flight characteristics with direct feedback

    CHANGES for all kites
    ● No pulley on front bridle lines results in a more direct turning impulse and bar feedback
    ● 10 to 15% lighter bladder material due to 75 micron TPU bladders made in Germany
    ● Overall weight reduction across all sizes

    XS V3 Changes
    ● Pulley-less bridle. Direct bar feedback and less bar travel
    ● New Wingtip shape for faster and precise turning
    ● Thinner TE batten reduces weight for a better profile adjustment
    ● Reduced LE tip diameter to avoid bridle catch
    ● 10% lighter bladder material made in Germany

    DESIGN Vision
    Smashing boundaries for height and hangtime, the XS V3 delivers raw power to the most extreme
    radical moves. As grunty as it gets, the increased angle of attack balances power with ease of
    With direct turning and bar feedback, the XS is extremely responsive. Explosive lift is matched with
    bombproof construction and stability. The extended hang time and fantastic low-end performance
    also give surprising versatility. The XS is the weapon of choice for adrenaline junkies wanting to hit full

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