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Kite Ozone Edge V12

Kite Ozone Edge V12

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Mit stabilem Kiterucksack, Kompressionsgummi, Repair-Kit mit Manual, Sticker, Schlüsselring und Kite Ersatzteilen


  • Details:

    The Edge V12 stays true to its original remit of delivering adrenaline-fuelled sessions for riders that crave real power, speed and insane lift; the electrifying reasons that so many get bitten by the kiteboarding bug in the first place!



    Experience a world of power at your fingertips. Since inception in 2007 the Edge has been purpose built to provide the ultimate freeride experience, capable of heartstopping riding speeds and gravity defying big air performance.

    After 16 years of refinement the V12 also offers a handling quality that will supercharge the sessions of any intermediate twin-tip rider, not just the super high flying renegades!


    • High adrenaline free ride machine with crazy upwind performance
    • Massive boost and hang time
    • Transverse shaping and ultra taut canopy
    • Powerful sheeting with excellent control for super fast riding
    • Refined handling, pre-loaded tips and ultra smooth flying




    • Fast but smooth ride with huge amounts of power on tap
    • Improved bar feeling and more direct feedback
    • Crazy upwind angles
    • Exciting lift that’s easy to access
    • More aggressive handling leads to mind blowing lift performance
    • Sublime float and hangtime
    • Rock solid canopy in even the strongest conditions
    • Excellent feeling of control at both ends of the wind range
    • Mix of sheet-and-go performance and quick, precise steering
    • More drive through the window and more control at the edge of the window



    • New refined design and sail control
    • Transverse sail shaping results in a cleaner aerofoil for increased performance
    • Improved and cleaned up aerofoil section delivers more drive through the window
    • Pre-loaded wing tips add aerodynamic performance
    • Reduced drag
    • Improved low end
    • High performance Technora bridle lines offer a vast reduction in parasitic drag
    • Three back-line tab settings to tweak bar pressure and turning speed
    • Lightweight EVA anti flap battens improve overall aerodynamic flow and trailing edge finish
    • High aspect planform with intricate sail shaping for fast handling and direct response
    • Highly supportive five strut design delivers incredible stability in the most extreme conditions

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