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Gebrauchtkite Eleveight OS V3

Gebrauchtkite Eleveight OS V3

€919,00 Standardpreis
inkl. MwSt. |

Style: Foil / Lightwind
Sizes:  08
Colour Codes:  Red (517)

Inklusive Garantie

  • Details:

    The OS is advancing the boundaries of light wind performance,
    allowing riders to take-off in the slightest breeze. It is the one tool all
    foil riders need for their quiver.

    PERFORMANCE Features
    ● One strut mid-swept hybrid design for foiling and freeriding
    ● Highly responsive performance kite with dynamic turning speed
    ● Optimized aspect ratio for superior light wind performance
    ● Backstall-proof design and automatic relaunch characteristics
    ● Feather-light design with ultra-durable quality materials

    General Changes for all kites
    ● Lighter bladder material for bigger sizes to decrease the overall weight
    ● Redesigned frame structure between the inflatable parts and the ripstop to optimize load transition for improved stability and durability.
    ● New 2 step force transition on tips for harmonic power development

    ● Overall weight reduction across all sizes

    OS V3 Changes
    ● Decreased aspect ratio with an added sweep for improved high-end stability
    ● New innovative XT Light Dacron with outstanding weight characteristics
    ● Redesigned scuff guards with adjusted placement for added protection
    ● Reworked trailing edge with anti-vibration patches for longevity and weight reduction

    DESIGN Vision
    The OS is our dedicated foil and freeride kite, every inch of material delivers outstanding performance, no matter how thin the breeze. The Open-C design launches in wind well below 10 knots. It is remarkably fast, has a massive sweet spot, and is very direct and precise to steer. The power deployment is very smooth, ideal for foiling. For V2 we decreased the aspect ratio while adding more sweep to the wingtips. These adjustments improve stability, especially in stronger winds and gusts.
    We upgraded the Dacron to the innovative XT material, which is lighter yet stronger. The reworked trailing edge is now equipped with anti-vibration patches, effectively reducing flutter. Making those modifications, we were able to develop a much sturdier kite that is lighter and more agile than ever

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