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Wing Armstrong XPS

Wing Armstrong XPS

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2,6 / 3.1/ 3,5/ 4.0/ 4.6/ 5.3/ 6.1

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    Whether it’s freeriding, wave riding or freestyle, the all new A-Wing XPS delivers next generation performance, power and control. We recruited some of the world’s leading wing and kite designers to push this shape to the next level. Each aspect of the new A-Wing XPS was tirelessly thought out, tested and fi nely tuned in a wide range of riding conditions.

    The XPS’s airfoil section combined with our pre-twist tip geometry, produces incredible speed with sublime upwind performance. This greatly benefi ts jump amplitude for freestyle manoeuvres and delivers plenty of hang time and fl oat for smooth landings. This wing is also a wave rider’s dream with little to no luffi ng or sail fl utter and excellent stability, allowing the rider to focus less on the wing and more on shredding the wave.

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